Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminium and Other Exotics

Fabrication Services

Our fully equipped fabrication workshops based in Dyce, Aberdeen is able to handle a large range of projects in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Aluminium. An example of fabrication work that we routinely undertake is the manufacture of Frames, Skids, Pipework, Platforms and the majority of other General Fabrication.

All of our projects are carried out efficiently by our highly skilled work force, who are all exceptionally qualified and carry welding codes to ASME IX, ISO 15614 & ISO 15156 in a range of procedures that cover stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium.

We believe in investing in cutting edge machinery and our Waterjet and CNC machines are incredibly beneficial to our fabrication services. We are able to cut any size, any shape and in any material enabling us to provide a short lead time for our customers while also providing machining onsite.

As a BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certified company all of our fabrication operations are subject to multiple quality assurance checks and all activity is fully traceable.