Precision Waterjet Cutting

Cuts Most Materials (Metals, Plastics, Granites and More!)

Nero Engineering Waterjet Cutting Specialists

Our Dynamic Flow Waterjet is able to cut a large range of materials varying from metals, plastics, granites and more. It's able to handle considerably thick material making it a key component in our fabrication service.

It cuts using only water and abrasive at 60,000 PSI, meaning there is no mechanical stress, heat distortion or a heat affected zone. The waterjet machine cuts with the utmost precision and is able to handle tight tolerances and create unique designs. It has proved itself time after time in producing a superior quality of cut.

As an BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certified company all material is fully traceable and subject to quality checks before dispatch.

Watch our video!

Our Flow Waterjet 60'000 PSI WMC demonstrated here cutting Aluminium at 60,000 PSI.